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Common Things with Common Eyes

Common Things with Common Eyes

I’m playing around with this book form — a book for two readers, bound together at the spine (no glue, just a single piece of string that goes from one book into the other). Well, you know, reading can be so solitary. Or maybe it’s more like, reading can be so private. How would you like someone up in your face like this at the library? 

I’ve been trying to make these books with paper covers, but I think it works much better with a hard cover, like this one is here. Also! This was my first attempt at making book cloth! (the orange spotted stuff on the spines — the green is from the store). It worked out! Which is great because I like to collect fabric scraps from the thrift store.

So, this book is blank, but there are a lot of possibilities for a book for two readers!

today i learned how make to a portfolio case — for a book or for anything.

this is a little zine i made about six crazy guys. i tried to make the third picture here so you can print it out & fold it yourself if you want to — but if you can’t, let me know! i have a few extra copies around!